In the words of Reba McEntire: “Who I am is who I want to be.” A work in progress, I’m happy living in between who I used to be and who I may yet become. It’s important to learn to like yourself, to accept that core that is as God created it, because until you’re comfortable in your own skin you won’t be truly happy.

I’m an artist, a child of God, a papa of girls. I share life in an 1860’s log cabin in a patch of woods with my uxorial best friend when I’m not employed as a graphic designer for a marketing firm. I make music and theatre, too. And life is all about the colors, baby!

As I become fuller in years, I lean more to the left. More and more I recognize that conservatism is generally living in ways that will make other people happy and comfortable, and liberalism is listening to your own drummer, which is considered rude and selfish. That is not to say that there aren’t unhealthy extremes in any camp, but Jesus, a really great guy and the greatest love I’ve ever known, didn’t give a damn about offending someone’s sense of decorum when he lent a hand to the lepers, prostitutes, and poor. He loved God, loved people, didn’t care about what people wore on Sunday mornings. Good example to follow.


Thanks for coming by. I appreciate company on the journey!

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